About La Pulpería, Latin American Market

As a "Tica" living abroad, I experience feelings of nostalgie and together with the desire of teaching my kids about our roots I decided to start this project.  We bring from Costa Rica the most sentimental products that will bring us a piece of Costa Rica back to us. 

What is a Pulpería for central americans?

In Costa Rica, a basic supply stores such as local grocery business is called on common language "Pulpería".  

This word's origin is associated with the word pulpo  (Spanish for octopus).  In the case that the pulpero (shopkeeper) may get all the orders, mostly a large number of items for the costumers with his hands,  (like an octopus). 

The pulperías stores sell a large range of products: food, beverages, grains, medicines, liquor, gas cylinders, and even bread. Basically, you could find almost anything in a pulpería.